Short Stories (5) - Gewehr


Image result for german hunter paintingThe old man had bought me from the local gunsmith for he said that he needed me to take out the creatures that roam in his backyard. It seems that his old weapon which was simply a civilian pistol made by Bergmann had little effect on the creatures that pounder on his crops. He had purchased me that morning and a box of rounds that would be used with me. He brought me home to the nagging of his wife who told him that he was pathetic and useless. I felt sorry for him and so he remained in silence as he walked into his house. He gently laid me down on the kitchen table, walking to the drawers in order for him to consume something. His wife went forth, coming from behind and pushed him away from the sink.
“Why are you such an idiot? Didn’t I tell you to buy groceries along the way? Albert, what is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? Idiot!”
He looked down and away, “I’m sorry…”
In the evening, he had placed me in the wardrobe but the nagging went on and from the back of the thick wooden door she had yelled at him at the top of her lungs. “Can you be more attentive? Even a dog can do better than that!”
“Can you please calm down?”
“Calm down?” she snapped, “Calm down? I think you the lazy bump won’t do a damn thing that our crops are dying. What are we going to eat? Grass? Roots?” I heard a thud for what I felt that she had pushed him away from the bed, “Sleep on the floor!”
“I had enough!” he yelled back and quickly the footsteps went, stomping to my direction and there he took me out from the darkness and into the dimness of the room in which he had loaded the round into my chamber and took aim.