How I used to a be a noob Star Wars fan to an Expanded Universe expert (somewhat)

Before Disney acquired Star Wars as their own intellectual property from Geroge Lucas, Star Wars is a space opera series that spans many books and films. We are familiar with the six original films made by LucasFilms which tells the Skywalker Saga from beginning to end (At that time) and there were other canon films released as well like the Clone Wars and 3D remastered episode One. This was around 2004 to 2006 when I was first introduced to Star Wars. At that time, I took no like to a particular genre or series for I was quite young and still exploring my own liking from making paper planes to drawing battleships to even riding the bicycle.

So when my friend, this tiny but popular kid back then in which we were like friends at some point and enemies in another, took out a Star Wars comic book and showed me those colorful pages and I soon was fascinated by it and decided to buy my own book of sort because follow what is popular seems cooler than common sense. This is before I adopt the thinking of what we want is not what we like, what we like may not be what we need (This still applies to my reenactment collection! Gosh, my wardrobe is filled). So I went to a bookstore that was in the next town just to get the book because it was already sold out by the time I've decided to buy the book. The funny thing is that my friend soon started to question me on certain characters, moments in the films (which I've clearly not watched in detail) and trivia that seems so impossible for the young me at that time that I felt so unhappy for I felt left out by those that are going for the cool stuff.

I believe this was the book
Moving on! At the same time, my sister and basically many, many girls out there started to have their first taste of Korean drama for they were glued to the television (or computer screens) to series like 'Boys over flowers' or whatever Korean name you can insert cause I cannot speak Korean. I even joked about the series to my sister that followed my neighbor in the series and calling it ' Boys over shit' because I feel that she was liking something that others were liking and not what she truly (at that time) would really like but that would go for me as well but I came to grow out of it eventually like my sister (that when for other stuff like K-pop and whatnot) and so I started reading the expanded universe timeline which to my surprise was something that was a thing for my father back in the 70s as well. You see,  he is a Star Wars fan in a sense that he purchased so many books that he kept in one luggage and revealing it to me one day like some pirate discovering a treasure chest. That is when I got myself knowing into things like the Thrawn Trilogy (Which I prefer over the new Star Wars Films) and Yuuzhan Vong