Futuristic Utopianism

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"To prefer evil to good is not in human nature; and when a man is compelled to choose one of two evils, no one will choose the greater when he might have the less."

- Plato

I began writing this ideology as a way to criticize today's generation for being hedonistic, liberal, and materialistic (I will continue to mention later on) which all formulates to perhaps a negative belief that should not be applicable to everyday lifestyle. This, of course, does not apply to all individuals for it has varieties applicable for the individuals involved. I took different ideas and elements from individuals like Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud. Humanity can be split into three parts (Please take note that race and gender do not apply as criteria for the three categories.). Firstly, the superior race - those that are strong in their belief that humanity must follow the path set by God. They know the laws of thought and do not try to contradict the realisticness of it. The law of identity: 'Whatever is, is.', The law of non-contradiction: 'Nothing can both be and not be.', and The law of excluded middle: 'Everything must either be or not be.'. I have mentioned these laws in my writings before as it is something that one cannot go against for it really brings about common sense that when one thinks about it, one would agree to it. This is also infused with positive principles and values associated with many Abrahamic religions.

Secondly - the inferior race. These are the individuals that have delved themselves into a lifestyle in which whatever suits them, regardless of morals, is considered correct for them. This is often attributed to the liberalism and secularism in which religion is thrown out of the window and separated in favor of human lust and desires. These people are the enemy of the superior race for they have attacked those with strong moral values and courage. These people put pleasure first above all rather than what is right. Their morals are lost in this changing world for they believe that it is what they considered to be justifiable and love. However, one must understand the laws of thought which applies to all human individuals for these people placed themselves at the lows state of creatures and have become the sub-human that can be considered as tyranny.  We, in our righteous mind, cannot accept such people for they place a threat on us and a threat to future generations. Strong measures must be put against them to preserve the dignity and morals of the human race.

The third and final category would be the victims. These are individuals like you and me but have been attacked and abuse by the will and might of the inferior race. They are the ones that are suffering and there are many of them, mostly hidden, in need of aid in terms of factors like psychological and emotional aspects. They are the result of what the inferior race has caused and they can be help if proper and genuine measures are given to them. It is important to note that these people are those that have seen the worst of the inferior race and those that have pushed themselves to addictions. Of course, we must not exclude the minor details that other individuals faced such as abuse, financial difficulties, and many more. If the world gathers to help them by eliminating the inferior race, there would be a balance in humans in which the superior race will help the victims and establish the utopian society that we all desire.

Sometimes it is difficult for one to understand by the other in terms of philosophy because everyone thinks differently and the variety in thinking can bring about what one sees as the perfect and ideal end that humanity should strive for. Scholars are like that but when the average individual tries to contemplate these ideas it can sometimes change itself to a more radical way of thinking. Some scholars are like that in which they would want to direct their beliefs and ideas to others like some dictator and in some way, they agree to themselves that this is the correct path that humanity should follow and that the other paths (Put in place by others) are weak and considered blasphemous. When we try to put in the context of today's generation, few would think that the way for liberalism has corrupted the mind of individuals. Liberalism infused with hedonism to be precise and if we were to strip these two factors and follow the true virtues of humility and humanity, then we can look and discuss other forms of thinking. What people should pursue in their finest way of life and living in the purest form of being a human. That, of course, we cannot impose in today's generation but if it does see an acceptance, things may change for the better and in fact, the birth of a wonderful and pure utopian society or community may occur. That is of course if people can accept that but those that push for these ideas are viewed as judgmental. For humanity to strive for the purest form of living, one must counter these resistances that are presented to this thinking. Today, it is rather the other way around. This idea of purity in the most righteous mind and values is suppressed by hedonism and liberalism. That is how these people judge others in that they believe that they are right, and to some extent they are, but one must analyze deeply the consequences and the future results that humanity must look upon when setting their eyes on the path. One can say that this pure idea is ridiculous but there are many that have been victims to the impurity that is present. It may be the norm now that this impurity travels with everyone and it turns others to be impure as well and this can end gravely if actions are not taken up against them. The good man must stand up against tyranny and that only the good man must act with the iron fist to counter the evils of the iron fist in order to survive and persevere.

One may say that such ideas are radical and aggressive but, we must remember the virtues of humanity and the aggression that has been committed by the inferior race. What they have done can be considered as crimes against God and Faith. Therefore, it is naturally right, in our own defense, to protect ourselves from these people for they will bring about the destruction of humanity and the deaths of millions.

Setting a standard to everyone is seen as a judgmental act but it is a necessary evil to do so because if we place ourselves like the most inferior beings, how can humanity progress? There must be a peaceful revolution or resolution to counter the impurity that is set by the wicked minds and unless the good man does nothing, the evil will be successful in every field. Sometimes we must counter for the sake of survival for it is something that is ingrained in us as a defense mechanism. If evil is to attack you, then we must fight back. It is common sense but what others may think will be aggression to them. For us to survive, this is a must and a vital aspect of our resistance against what is inferior. Humans, regardless of race and gender, can achieve the highest form of purity and that is what most of us should be striving for.

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